The journey begins with getting to know you and how you came to be together.  To understand the core of the two of you, I want to find the true essence of your relationship.

I am here to indulge in your life, and bring your deepest emotions to the surface.  It is through this process that I create a beautiful film which preserves your story for generations.

Hello, I am Harry, creative director and videographer for Geco Films. I like to think about my work as the unearthing of a story that even the tellers have not imagined yet.  To capture the fullness of your emotions, unfiltered, the natural beauty of your features and soul, the delicate body language and magical atmosphere of that special day. Based in Madrid, I have lived for many years in Ibiza and London, where my family are from, and combined travel across the globe from France, Italy to South America and the caribbean.  

What sets us apart from other wedding videos? We show not only the stunning visuals but also your spoken word to find the essence of your story.  Watching a movie without words is one you would walk away from and we will make sure all senses are used to craft a treasure for generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We are based in Madrid and Ibiza.  We also love to travel whereever your story takes us.

You will recieve a trailer film one month after your wedding. If you have ordered a longer film to be made this will take around three months depending on the lenght of film you have requested.

They say that audio is 50% of a great film and we want you to hear the natural authentic audio of your day. We usually put mics on everyone in the preparation as you are putting on your dress and take them off discreetly before the dancing.

We can adapt to any situation and find that interesting weather can add to your story.  If the weather conditions are too extreme and risk damaging our equipment we can shoot indoors or reschedule the session.

We arrange a call to get to know each other, then a signed contract and simple deposit guarantees your date.  After that we’ll be in touch about the schedule, details and any questions you have!

Click here to send us a message and let’s see!

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